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About Crappie

The crappie is considered America’s favorite panfish and is found in abundant numbers throughout a large part of the United States. As a general rule, the majority of crappie anglers fish for the species in the spring when they’re shallow and near the banks to spawn. However, crappies can be caught year round by fishermen equipped with more knowledge about the fish and its habits. Crappie University was founded to provide that information through classroom instruction.

Gary White started Crappie University, modeling the program after his highly successful Bass Fishing Techniques courses that have now spanned three decades.

Crappie University is held in partnership with universities and colleges across the country, consisting of 8-hours of classroom instruction taught in 2-hour sessions over four nights.

The classes are different than sport show seminars that often have the purpose of hyping products. Crappie U instruction is focused on the sharing of valuable fishing information and knowledge, presented through multi-media formats and hands-on demonstrations.

A different instructor teaches each night’s lesson, adding to the versatility of the education. By the end of the course, attendees will have been exposed to every popular crappie fishing technique, from spider rigging to long lining, from vertical jigging to dock shooting, from pushing crankbaits to pulling them, and many more.

While we try to hold Crappie University at many locations across the country each year, they aren’t necessarily held on an annual basis at any one city, state or school. That means sign up now for any classes scheduled near your home.

The registration fee covers all course materials, including samples of crappie lures and jigheads. Seating is often limited by classroom size and we do have a history of sold-out venues, so enroll early to ensure your participation.