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How does Crappie University differ from boat-show and in-store seminars?

Crappie University consists of classroom instruction, with visual presentations and hands-on demonstrations, taught by experts according to their respective specialties around specific crappie-fishing subject matter as identified in session details.



Who is eligible to attend Crappie University?

Usually the minimum age for enrollment is 18, however age restrictions may vary by site location according to the host school’s own criteria. Check directly with the site of interest if you have younger individual(s) interested in attending. The stated enrollment fee is the same for all ages.



How do I enroll in Crappie University?

Just like with any Continuing Education class, each university/college handles its own class registration process. Contact information for each school can be found on the schedule.



Can I enroll in Crappie University on site at the first session?

It is to your advantage to enroll in advance of the first session so that you can assure yourself a seat (we have experienced “sold out” venues), and then all you have to do is check-in upon arrival. However, some sites do allow on-site enrollment and others do not. Check directly with your site of interest regarding this option.



Is Crappie University designed for beginning or avid anglers?

Crappie University benefits crappie anglers of every level as its curriculum and instruction cover a diverse range of topics. (See schedule for contact information to obtain specific class details.)



Can I attend just a single class session of particular interest, paying a special rate just for that one class night?

No, this is an accredited university/college program and the full registration fee applies regardless of how many classes you attend. Once you’ve enrolled and paid, you do have the option of attending particular Crappie University classes of preference, but you’ll miss a lot if you don’t attend all.



Is there time to interact one-on-one with Crappie University instructors?

Yes. At the end of each session night, instructors are available for approximately 30 minutes afterwards to visit personally with participants.



Can I bring a child or other guest to attend a Crappie University session with me?

Sorry, but no. The classroom environment for this curriculum is based on seat occupancy and therefore only enrolled students are able to attend Crappie University.



Will Crappie University benefit me in the area that I live and fish?

Absolutely. Crappie University lessons are taught by national instructors familiar with the latest knowledge and techniques to benefit any angler, as well as by crappie experts that are personally familiar with your local fishing waters and best crappie-fishing techniques for them.



If I don't have a Crappie University near me, how can I get a local university/college to add the opportunity?

Please send us a note that informs us of such interest, and also advise us of any local universities/colleges nearby that you feel would be a good host for Crappie University. Send the information to



How can I become a Crappie University instructor?

We’re always interested in crappie fishing experts who have the interest in sharing their knowledge with fellow anglers. The number of positions are limited and do vary by regions of the country. We welcome your resumes, which must include your angling history and public-speaking communication skills. Send to